Night of the Hidden Fang

by T. James Logan

Mia’s only friend is gone.

Adults are acting weird – well, weirder than normal.

A rash of strange disappearances around town is going all but unnoticed.

When she finds some half-eaten human bones, her safe, suburban world is thrown upside down. Are they her friend’s bones?

Three runaway boys seem to know what’s happening. But what are they running from? And is it going to follow them to her doorstep, even as she’s finally caught the eye of the hunky poet from her English class?

If you love stories about plucky, teenage heroines (and a dog) with wild chase scenes and the world on the brink of disaster, you’ll love Night of the Hidden Fang.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure

Dawn of the Deadly Fang

by T. James Logan


A mysterious plague is spreading, a plague that grants the ability to shapeshift—but with an insatiable hunger for fresh meat.

Infected with the plague herself, sixteen-year-old Mia is a special case. Thanks to a strange mutation in her DNA, her blood might be the key to a vaccine.

For Mia and many of the Infected, it’s a curse, but others, the Bad Dogs, revel in their new powers. For them, humans no longer belong at the top of the food chain. The Bad Dogs don’t want any vaccine, and they have a plan to end human hegemony forever.

Organized, powerful, and relentless, they’re willing to do anything for their cause—like abducting a busload of Mia’s classmates.

Mia must enlist the help of her teenage werewolf pack in a desperate gamble to rescue her friends. Maybe even save the world.

Previously $4.99