Night Conjurings: Tales of Terror

by Harvey Click

Ghosts, vampires, demons, serial killers, and other deadly denizens of the dark haunt this collection of chilling short stories by horror master Harvey Click.
• An unhappy and unloved boy summons a substitute mother—with sharp teeth.
• Two teenage boys learn it’s better to leave a spooky abandoned house alone.
• Can ghosts kill? Denise is about to find out the hard way.
• When her creative writing instructor offers to teach Kathy how to write a horror story, she finds herself trapped inside one.
• A man discovers he may be a killer, though he can’t remember the murders.
• A man with a terrible past, a wizard from the dark side of the moon, and a pitchfork perform a dark drama of murder and madness.
• A time traveler attempts to bring his dead fiancée back to life.
• Many people wish to be ageless, but what happens when an immortal woman begins to lose her mind?
• And more!

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Category: Dark Fantasy