Newearth: Justine Awakens

by A.K. Frailey

Justine, an android with an enhanced human brain, awakens on Newearth after being shut down, only to discover she’s once again assigned the role of a hired killer. When she meets Cerulean, a Luxonian guardian, and Derik, her intended victim, she discovers her humanity and the true meaning of life.

Clare, a Human Services investigator, must discover who killed an innocent woman, mentor a flighty new detective, Bala, and figure out what alien has been infiltrating her dreams. When she’s hired by Derik to discover his true identity, she discovers Justine’s hidden agenda and only Cerulean can keep the two women from killing each other.

A new future unfolds as OldEarth passes into obscurity, but the seeds of Newearth are planted. The human family faces a new horizon. The end of a human era—the beginning of an alien alliance.

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Category: Science Fiction – Colonization