New Hope

by Matt Fatek

It’s the mid 2020s, and Ellie Johnson is the first woman in human history to set foot on the Moon.
In the first-in-decades expedition to the Moon, the two-person crew of the landing pod, instead of making history, crashes on Earth’s natural satellite due to a mysterious radio signal, which makes it impossible to conduct a safe landing.

The injured heroes in the damaged pod, which is certain not to find a way to fly again, must do everything in their power to survive the unfavorable conditions of the Moon’s vacuum and to solve the mystery behind the strange radio signal that not only took control of their machine during landing but also seems to be a construct of intelligence. And it’s definitely not of human origin.

Little do people know that not everything is what it seems and threats lurk in the least probable places. A war is coming. Whether we wish to take part in it or not.

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Category: Science Fiction – First Contact