Never Die Twice

by Mark Jones


What if the world’s worst terrorists had access to the Pentagon’s greatest high-tech weapons?

NEVER DIE TWICE tells the story of the DIA & DARPA joint-agency operative Natalie Nicks codenamed Viper and her first battle with an evil terrorist syndicate hell-bent on using the weapons of the future against the United States!

Just when Nicks is settling in to her new life, a routine mission to recover a stolen weapon codenamed Project Starfire turns deadly. Nicks is ambushed, and she and her team suddenly find themselves in the middle of a lethal international conspiracy—stretching from the streets of Los Angeles to the hidden islands of Japan.

As the investigation widens, all leads point to a criminal syndicate whose mastermind has a dark connection to Viper’s past. Can she prevent the terrifying plan from coming to fruition? Find out today!

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure