Nerves of Steel

by Lee Hayton

For a thousand years, vampires ruled the earth. They bent men to their will and molded cities into hotbeds of depravity.

Ha! Just kidding. Vampires are weaklings that catch fire if you push them into sunlight. When humans found out they existed, the suckers were captured, enslaved, and put to work.

So, imagine my surprise when a free vampire strolled into Joe’s Bar. Fair enough if he’s ditched his chains but walking around in public? That does not compute. As an escapee cyborg with a bounty on her head, I don’t want to dig for trouble. If it weren’t for my best friend, I’d turn a blind eye. But I owe that thirteen-year-old vampire my freedom and my life. If something is changing for his species, he needs to know.

This investigation will open a can of bother, but if trouble comes for me, I’m ready. My body is 34% titanium, my skin is silicone, and I have nerves of steel.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban