Necropolis: An Anthology of Ghost Stories

by E.D. Casalena

A self-absorbed girl wakes to find herself in a frighteningly empty world. A young boy discovers he is clairvoyant after suffering a head injury, and the ghosts he encounters try to warn him of a looming danger in his family’s home. A young woman is haunted by a poltergeist who seeks to make her spontaneously combust. After a suicide attempt, a troubled person seeks out a change of scenery and makes a heartbreaking discovery in the confines of their new home. An artist suffers from sleep paralysis after a supernatural experience at an art gallery, but quickly realizes it may not be all in his head.

Necropolis: An Anthology of Ghost Stories is the sophomore anthology novella by E.D. Casalena. Necropolis compiles stories of death, power, and love, and explores how these concepts become warped and transformed when supernatural events are involved.

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Category: Fantasy – Anthologies & Short Stories