NASA’s 1st Mission to Mars – For What?!!!

by Michael and Danny D’Agostino

“A spellbinding mix of drama, sci-fi, and humor, delivered in a style that is inimitable, and featuring awesome characters on a rollicking ride to Mars and back.”

Penniless, flat broke, sleeping in a cardboard box in a tent city on the South Side of Chicago, this formerly undistinguished man, Stanley Marczek, becomes the first man to walk on Mars. How is it possible? The capacity to survive in a confined space, for months, on the journey to Mars is one clue. He accepts NASA’s offer, seeing it as an opportunity to remake his life, earn a cool three million bucks, and return to Earth a hero. But when the mission is complete, he publicly questions the wisdom of all manned missions to Mars, to the embarrassment of NASA. On this adventure, you’ll experience the challenge and all the excitement of a real Mars landing and visit by Man.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure