Narican: The Cloaked Deception

by Douglas Robbins

No human can stop the Toxic Whisperers from plunging Earth into soulless darkness… but Reuben is far from human.

Praised by Kirkus Reviews for its “unrelenting action” and “breakneck pace,” Narican: The Cloaked Deception blends science-fiction and metaphysical themes to create an alternate reality full of both emotional depth and twisting adventure.

Reuben Mitchell’s eighteen years on Earth have taught him what it means to suffer. Despite being consumed by cursed luck, traumatic loss, and recurring nightmares, he refuses to let his demons take hold of his soul. As his inner-world seems to tear in two, the world around him does the same. But where there is darkness, he quickly finds the light.

When Reuben learns that he is one of the last descendants from the planet Narican’s Sun Clan, great supernatural defenders of the soul’s highest order, all of his life’s misfortunes come in

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure