Nano Nation: Hidden Threat

by Tim L. Rey

In 2028, when the government unleashes nanomachines capable of manipulating human thought, they seize an iron grip on the public. But a lucky few are immune, and become the only hope of fighting back against a tyranny that threatens all of humanity.

Jannah heads the rebellion, and plans a daring strike against the government. But she and her fellow rebels can’t prevail without the help of Malek, an ex-mercenary with extraordinary talents who is also immune to the nanomachines. Even so, Malek has no interest in being part of what looks to be the ultimate suicide mission. And time is running out. If Jannah can’t get Malek on board before the government unleashes the next, more powerful generation of nanomachines, nothing on earth can stop the government from finally controlling all of humanity.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure