My Luck

by Mel Todd

I hate the nickname Cori Catastrophe, it’s accurate though.
In my world, magic weaves through society, seemingly giving mages the leg up. I’m no mage, yet bad luck clings to me like a shadow. Everything changed when my twin brother died in my arms. My parents never forgave me, not that I blame them. Since then, I’ve been on my own, except for my BFF Jo and her family. Still, trust doesn’t come easy.

Paying for college sucks while mages get free rides. Even if I have to work two jobs, I’m going to earn my degree and become an EMT. But my luck does weird things, like dropping dead bodies in my path. Nothing new, but this body had my name in his pocket. I don’t know why anyone is looking for me, but I won’t let anything stop me from getting control over my own life. Not even magic.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Hired Luck

by Mel Todd

New city, new job, new threat?
With my best friend going to college to learn how to use her magic, I’m job hunting in Atlanta. We’re sharing an apartment and I’ve never been happier. The last thing I needed was to be involved in a murder investigation. Now the police are sure I had something to do with it. News alert: I don’t. I’ve got a job, Jo’s going school. I finally am on the track to have my own life.

Working as an EMT is great, but something weird happened at work. Something I can’t explain. What if I’m wrong and I am a mage? The last thing I want is to be a mage, it would mean I’d lose everything I’ve been working for. Even if I am a mage, I’d be a low ranking one, a hedgemage, something that means I can keep my current life.

But I can’t get the dead girl out of my mind. Who was she and why did she die? What good are my skills if all I do is keep finding dead people?

Previously $4.99