My Delicate Destruction

by Jillian Ashe

Katerina Anderson and her twin brother Kris were promised a cure for their cancer, but there was a catch. The drug had to be administered while in cryostasis. Kat and Kris go under, daring to hope that they would have a bright future.

When Kat awakes, there is only darkness. Her brother is gone, and five hundred years have slipped by. She follows a tenuous trail of clues that leads her from Earth to Anarkia, and joins up with a crew of smugglers and treasure hunters in her quest to find him, and what happened to them.

Along the way, she learns that the doctors cured more than her cancer, they altered her very genetic makeup. Kat must find out what happened to her and save her bother before the Federation learns that there are two Andersons.

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Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering