Murderers, Thieves, and, Velvet

by Chloe Garner

What Skite, assassin and King of the Rats, needs least in his life is more to do. Newlywed and trying to manage the political waters of the Black Docks, he’s still unable to resist addressing a nobleman double-crossing Black Docks merchants.
And so the heist is on.

He’s assembling a crew that isn’t much pleased with his decisions, the last year or so, and his new wife isn’t about to be left out of the action as Skite flexes his conspiratorial muscles to go after one of the most powerful men in Verida. But Verida isn’t a simple place to do business in the best of times, and Skite knows better than anyone that a plan is like as not to blow up somewhere around halfway through and leave everyone scrambling.

Verida is a land of elves and pixies and magic, but every Rat knows that that doesn’t make it pretty.
It’s a good thing that Skite’s good at winning ugly.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical