Mr. Ruin

by Michael John Grist

Your mind is the battlefield.

In the war that devastated the world, ex-marine Ritry was a ‘Graysmith’ – an elite interrogator who dived deep into the hellish fires of enemy minds. His efforts made him a hero, saving countless lives, but also scarred his sanity and lost him everyone he ever loved.

Now Ritry sees a chance at redemption. A shadowy figure known only as Mr. Ruin offers him an awesome power – the ability to dive not just into minds, but into the fabric underlying reality itself. Ritry could rewrite his past and start again.

But there is a terrible cost – as Mr. Ruin demands Ritry’s absolute loyalty. And Mr. Ruin is not a good man, with vicious deeds in mind.

Ritry only has to choose.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk