Mountain Of Fangs

by Carlo Hart

When Kevin and Faith moved to Frazier Mountain they were looking for a quiet forest getaway. What they found was a mountain haunted by their own nightmares. This fear energy is being used to open a portal to an alien invasion.

Kevin is a young author who moved to the mountain to grow plants and write books. His girlfriend Faith, a nurse, joined him for a fun adventure. They found a cute little cabin and were enjoying cold nights with their dog curled up in front of the fire. It was just what they were looking for.

All that changed when he noticed his strange neighbors and the greenest lawn he had ever seen.

Now Kevin must create a team of monster fighters, battle vampires, reptilians, werecoyotes, and stop a Grey Alien invasion – while keeping his plants alive and protecting his girlfriend. Who has gotten paler and oddly stronger…

Previously $3.99

Category: Science Fiction – Alien Invasion