by Joseph Hagen

Their fun getaway turned into a nightmare. When a young man is cursed by the very creatures who killed his brother, can he evade a fate of bloodlust?

Alan Driggers is frustrated with the never-ending tedium of summer vacation. So the seventeen-year-old is thrilled to head on a camping trip with his brother and friends, away from the adults. But when a wolfpack attacks and slaughters everyone but him, the panicked boy barely escapes after slashing a fiend with a silver knife…

Nursing his wounds, the grieving teen is terrified when a werewolf shows up with a grim challenge: do battle with the pack leader, or your parents will die. And now shocked to learn he’ll turn into a savage monster at the next full moon, he teams up with a beautiful witch as she uses her magic to help him win the fight, cure his terrible affliction, and mete out bloody vengeance.

Can Alan break his curse?

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban