Moon Dance

by J.R. Rain

I’m Samantha Moon. Mom. Wife.


I was a federal agent until an attack robbed me of my life.

Now I’m an undead private investigator and I work the night shift.

My newest client is Kingsley Fulcrum, a defense attorney who was shot five times and, weirdly, walked away from it.

Kingsley hired me to find the perp and, ahem, Kingsley is extremely handsome, charming and funny.

Not that I notice—I’m a not-so-happily married woman, after all.

Yeah, things with my husband haven’t exactly been hunky dory ever since I grew fangs. In fact, I think my cold skin is driving my husband to warmer pastures.

To top everything off, someone just sent me the medallion my attacker was wearing the night he turned me.

I think the reason is pretty clear: I’ve attracted a vampire hunter and he’s coming for me next.

If so, he’s in for a surprise; I’m a lot tougher than I look.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban