Monster: A Prequel of The Chosen

by Roh Morgon

Something is out there, watching . . .

Sunny Collins can’t shake the feeling someone is watching her, but she chalks it up to stress from work, school, and life as a busy single mom. Her imagination morphs into reality when she’s ripped away from everything she knows and plunged within a world of blood and darkness.

In her struggle to escape the monsters holding her captive, she discovers she must now fight new ones—the ones inside her—while fearing she’ll never see her teenage daughter again.

As Sunny’s search for Andrea becomes the driving force in her life, she wonders whether or not she’ll ever be able to conquer her violent new instincts and re-enter human society.

The questions haunt Sunny like ghosts from the grave—will she ever find her daughter?

Or will she be doomed to an isolated existence as a monster, forever alone in the dark?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban