by Harper North

What if the sky was deadly?
Fin has never stepped foot on the surface of the Earth. Working the mines, deep below, has been the only life she’s ever known. Every Dweller underground understands that you serve the EHC up top, or you don’t eat.
Earth’s surface has become irradiated and unsustainable. As the land, water, and even the air grew toxic, the underprivileged were doomed to a life of hard labor underground, while the Enhanced Human Coalition on the surface enjoy their spoils.
But now, Fin discovers a stolen piece of EHC tech that modifies genetics, giving them the abilities of those up top—including adaptation to the surface’s harsh conditions. The theft of this technology triggers a manhunt, forcing them to flee to the most dangerous place they could possibly go… aboveground.

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Category: Science Fiction – Dystopian