Mo’ani’s Way

by D.L. Kramer

One Goddess claims Nahtan as an adopted son. Another has hidden him among the mortals until he’s ready to lead his armies against the Archbishop in Herridon and the fallen god Zared. Along the way he’ll make allies and enemies and discover who he really is even though he harbors his own doubts.

Mo’ani’s Way follows Paki, a boy who was taken from his parents to pay the Archbishop’s tithes. Sold into slavery, he spends the next seven years with his master until fate delivers him to Kile, the Captain of the Guard of an army of Mo’ani Warriors.

From Kile, Paki learns the truth about the cost of freedom and about the prophecy of Nahtan. He also meets Mo’ani himself; a legendary warrior tasked to train Nahtan’s armies for the day the prophesied king will come and lead them to Herridon.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic