by Jerry Shepard

It was a gamble…that traded one problem for another.

Now, the crew of the Titan is lost.

Captain Jameson has his crew’s trust. His clever tactics defeated the invasion fleet. They barely escaped, but with no way to plot a course back to Earth, he’s got to find some clue that will tell them where they landed.

The planets of their old foes may provide answers.

But there are risks.

Deep in the Xen homeworld, partially destroyed by battle, the archive sits. Jameson and his crew must get to it if they have any hope of ever returning home.

But the truth that resides in the archive may not be what they wanted to learn.

For there are dangers in the universe far greater than they could possibly imagine.

Through all of this, Jameson has one overriding mission.

…he must get them home.

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Category: Science Fiction – Space Opera