Misfit Pack

by Stephanie Foxe

Everything changed in a flash of pain and blood.

All because she had to play hero.

Amber finds herself tied to two strangers, her humanity stripped from her, and a heavy responsibility laid on her shoulders.

Haunted by guilt and loss, she struggles to understand what it means to be a werewolf – and an alpha.

Magic is commonplace, but there is a divide between humans and supernaturals. There are rules. Expectations.

The title of alpha isn’t given lightly, it’s earned through a Trial that will test her in ways she never expected.

Left with no choice but to fight for her new status as alpha, Amber must pull together her fledgling pack of werewolves that never wanted to be more than human. Time is ticking as they prepare for the night that could tear them apart. If Amber fails the Alpha Trials, they’ll lose a lot more than their humanity.

They’ll lose their freedom.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban