Minimum Wage Magic

by Rachel Aaron

Freelance mage Opal Yong-ae has never let little things like impossibility stop her. She’s puts her overpriced magical art history degree to use as a Cleaner: a contract municipal employee who empties out abandoned apartments and resells the unusual treasures she finds inside for a profit. It’s not a safe job–there’s a reason she wears bite-proof gloves–but when you owe a dragon money, you can’t be picky.

Even Opal’s low standards are put to the test when the only thing of value in her latest apartment is the body of the renter. The dead aren’t part of her job, but this mage died hiding a secret that could be worth a fortune. With debts she can’t pay due at the end of the week, this could be the big break she’s been waiting for, but in a city of runaway magic where getting in over your head generally means losing it, the cost of chasing this chance might be more than Opal can handle

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban