Midlife Alchemy: A Paranormal Women’s Fantasy

by Kate Swansea

Part paranormal fantasy adventure, part romance, this is the tale of a fabulous, forty-something witch who is finally coming into her power. After a messy divorce, Elise packs up and moves across the country, after receiving a mysterious job offer in Washington state that sounds too good to pass up.
She has a second chance to create a new life for herself and do what she wants for a change.
She’s expecting a fairy tale alpine village and lots of skiing. What she gets is a town crawling with witches and rebel vampires.
And a gorgeous general and his minotaur partner.
Oh, and a gate that leads to hell.
She’ll need to resurrect her long-abandoned magic to discover the town’s secrets, and how they may even unlock her own family secrets.
Act Two of her life may turn out to be even better than Act One. If she can survive it.

Previously $3.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Midlife Incantations: A Paranormal Women

by Kate Swansea

Elise’s fabulous midlife adventure continues as she tries to balance her new love life with her growing responsibilities as warden of a magical town teetering over the gate to hell.

Elise and Theo, the fire-wielding general of Black Lake Falls, are finally free to bask in their previously forbidden love. But new work duties start to strain their budding romance after Ronath, the minotaur gatekeeper, wakes up from his two-week coma.
And what’s worse, he’s come back… well, different. Maybe even a tad possessed.

When Ronath escapes from the hospital in a psychotic state, he leaves behind a strange symbol as the only clue to his disappearance.
Elise and Theo are pulled in opposite directions as they search for the lost gatekeeper and try to decode the enigmatic symbol.

After a series of bizarre break-ins and mysterious deaths, Elise uncovers someone’s frantic search for a lost object that has ties to an old alchemy secret society and to her own father.
When Elise realizes the same object may hold the key to her own quest, she and Theo launch into a race to snag it first.

But she’ll need to level up her own magic if she’s going to stand any chance of stopping this dangerous force from unleashing hell on her beloved town.

Previously $4.99