Metal Legion Complete Series Omnibus: Mechanized Warfare on A Galactic Scale

by Craig Martelle

Victory or death! Fight to survive.

That’s what the Metal Legion faces in this exclusive boxed set of the entire series for this action packed, Mech filled, science fiction, military adventure!

Who kicks off the battle? Cannon fodder. Soften up the enemy. The Metal Legion. Old mechs crewed by former prisoners with nowhere else to go. They bear the brunt of the pain.

But they don’t want to die. Never fight fair when fighting for your life. This is the motto of the Metal Legion. They fight to win.

The mechs stand tall, or crawl, or run, or scamper. A dozen different designs, held together by rough welds and sheer willpower. But the soldiers within, like Xi Bao who refuses to give up.

Taking her armor underground, she finds the enemy, in numbers far greater than she was told. Knee deep in the war, her crew gives their old mech new vigor for one last chance at glory!

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure