Metal Angels – Part One

by D K Girl

Blake Beckworth is head bio-engineer at the arcane Facility, a place where not all employees are human, and company secrets run deeper than the multitude of underground levels.
Kira Beckworth stays as far away from the place-and her sister- as she possibly can. She spends her time at the bottom of expensive bottles of champagne, living large on Facility profits.
But happy hour is about to be ruined in the most spectacular way.
The Facility, and Blake, are messing with things far beyond their understanding. Ancient gods are preparing to spill bad blood, and Earth will become their battleground.
Kira’s sister might just have started the apocalypse. And now she wants Kira’s help to clean up the mess.
But the sisters will have to patch up their own bloodied relationship before they have a chance of stopping the end of days.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban