Mermaid Aboard

by Louise Cypress

Estella Pearl has dreams for her future that her family doesn’t understand. She wants to be a scientist who discovers a way to save the Great Barrier Reef, but her father hopes Estella will take over their pearl farm. Meanwhile, Estella’s older sister, Marisa, is marrying the Norwegian heir to a fish oil fortune and wants Estella to settle down too.

Uncertain about her future and unwilling to stand up to the merfolk who boss her around, Estella escapes to the surface, where she meets Ian, a human with troubles of his own. Ian’s vacation aboard the luxury cruise ship the Hans Christian Anderson has turned into a nightmare thanks to his parents’ constant bickering. Ian’s solace is the ocean, and he plans to earn his Ph.D. in marine biology.

When these two science nerds meet, it’s love at first sight, and the only thing stopping their happily ever after is DNA.

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Category: Fantasy – Fairy Tales