Mercadia Calling

by Shaka Bry

A Jersey Shore lifeguard. An immortal mermaid. An apocalypse churning beneath the waves.

Jonah Whitmore has a lot going for him. He’s smart, has a great girlfriend, and is the star of his High School swim team. When he stumbles upon the Atlantic Ocean’s deepest secret, Jonah transforms into something he never would have dreamed: a legendary sea creature.

Mezzy, a rebellious mermaid, seeks adventure in or out of the water. Drawn to the land, and to Jonah, Mezzy is about to discover that there is a certain danger in associating with humans.

When they come together, Jonah and Mezzy open a portal that leads to her dying home—Mercadia. There, they find themselves caught in the middle of a budding apocalypse. Can Jonah survive the dark mythology on the other side? Or will his feelings for Mezzy be his ultimate undoing?

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Category: Fantasy – Myths & Legends