Memoirs of a Time Traveler — Boxed Set

by Doug Molitor

Archaeologist David Preston and Ariyl Moro, a time traveler from the future, embark on a global adventure through time, chasing a psychopath whose thefts are starting to alter history.

To hunt him down, they have to solve mysteries involving Bronze Age swordsmen, modern-day Nazis, a steampunk world, Albert Einstein, some highly skeptical Founding Fathers and Golden Age Hollywood.

When Ariyl vanishes, David searches through the camp of a Mongol warrior princess, a harem in medieval Baghdad, and a monstrously mutated 1950s America to find her.

In a world where even small changes in the timeline can cause catastrophic consequences, they find themselves battling Civil War assassins and Roman gladiators, trying to prevent global catastrophe in the future.

Sci-Fi Meets Romantic Comedy…With Sword-Swinging Adventure!

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Category: Science Fiction – Time Travel