Mech Slasher

by Ryan Tang

Plenty of people can swing a sword around. Not everyone can lead.

After months of dedicated training, Julian has emerged as one of the premier swordsmen on the Overdrive server. Alongside his Mech partner, the teleporting Heaven’s Slasher, the veteran pilot has conquered foe after foe.

Now he faces a new challenge – how to serve as a team’s captain.

In the past, he only had to worry about his own gameplay.

Now, he must synthesize everything he’s learned about Overdrive. He must build the perfect team around his blazing golden sword.

Will he put everything together in time to win the College Cup?

A new series set in the Overdrive universe, Mech Slasher will delight fans of LitRPG, sports stories, and mecha anime.

Previously $4.99

Category: Science Fiction – Adventure