by K.T. Kaye

Myth and magic combine in this addictive fantasy adventure, set in a captivating paranormal world on the brink of war against an army of bloodthirsty demons.

Hidden in the darkest shadows, an army of demons is rising. Bloodthirsty, ferocious, and heartless, this army of horrific undead creatures is set on world domination.

But hope is at hand, for Lightning Squad, a unique team of paranormal beings, led by the shapeshifting Captain Angel Night, have found the Master of Darkness. A reincarnated hero with extraordinary powers, the Master of Darkness has returned to rid the world of demons.

Or at least that’s what the legends claim.

However the new reincarnation, clumsy, naïve and panic-attack prone Jason Dragonheart isn’t quite as legendary as expected.

Charmingly dark and humorous, Master of Darkness is the first instalment in The Dragonheart Chronicles.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban