Master Mage, Riders of Fire Dragon Masters book 4

by Eileen Mueller

Three mages: A powerful dragon mage. Another plotting to kill him. And a temptress, hungry for power.

Giddi is the only dragon mage in the realm. Able to mind-meld with dragons at will, he quickly rises through the mage ranks. Starrus, a bitter senior mage, resents Giddi’s magical abilities and wants him dead.

Giddi falls in love with Mazyka, his breathtaking, young protégé. The mage council and the dragon riders warn him not to get entangled. That she’s too ambitious. That the consequences are too dangerous…

Brash and impulsive, he ignores them all.

Now Giddi could destroy the world he loves.

Enjoy this adrenaline-fueled adventure today.

Soar on dragon back with your heart pounding and the wind in your hair!

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Category: Fantasy – Epic

Anakisha’s Dragon, Riders of Fire Dragon Masters book 1

by Eileen Mueller

Anakisha’s plans do not include a dragon.

When her brother is murdered by a street gang, Anakisha joins the Night Wings, a local vigilante gang, taking to the streets to avenge him.

One night, the King’s Rider discovers her unconscious in an alley.

Then the dragon queen comes calling.

And a pirate crisis calls Anakisha into action.

Will’s an opportunist, combing the Naobian market to feed his starving sister.

Luck goes his way, until a fateful game in a dodgy tavern.

He and his best friend wake on a ship, desperate, surrounded by bloodthirsty pirates, and armed only with Will’s gift of the gab.

But even Will can’t talk his way out of this one…

If you love epic dragons, swashbuckling pirates, danger & romance, soar with Anakisha’s Dragon today!

Enjoy this adrenaline-fueled adventure today.
Soar on dragon back with your heart pounding!

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