Manipulator’s War

by Elise Carlson

Bookish, nonbinary Ruarnon thought their biggest challenge was proving a worthy heir to Tarlah’s perfect King. But when their parents are abducted, Ruarnon must shoulder the burden of the throne in the face of unreliable allies and a brutal, expansionist neighbour.

Trapped in Ruarnon’s world, Linh is desperate to return to loved ones in Australia, but her best shot at getting home is sailing to Ruarnon with reinforcements while dodging a growing plague of monsters.

If Linh succeeds, she’ll gain knowledge that could help Ruarnon secure lasting peace. But securing peace means co-operation with Tarlah’s ancient enemies. So to pursue their heart’s greatest desire, Ruarnon risks betrayal, all Tarlah and their own murder.

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Category: Fantasy – Epic