Maker Messiah

by Edward L Miracle

Where did the future go? What happened to progress?

When a madman incinerates Philip Machen’s family, he swears the perfect revenge–not to kill the killer, but to transform society. Philip unleashes 55 million Trojan horse matter replicators, called Makers, to empower ordinary people and dethrone the power elites: big money, big government, and big religion. By sharing our Makers, he tells the world, we will end poverty and scarcity for all time.

Overnight, cash becomes trash. Markets collapse. Banks and corporations implode. Copy parties become a sensation, but the spontaneous Freemaker enclaves Philip hoped to inspire—where a new sharing sensibility replaces scarcity and hoarding—are not forming. Philip’s Freemaker revolution will fail unless he becomes what he most despises: another fake messiah.

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Category: Science Fiction – Adventure