Magic Portal

by DM Fike

Avalon Benton didn’t mean to bring the fairy statue to life, but she did…with magic she didn’t know she had.

Like everyone else, Avalon doesn’t even believe in magic. A college drop-out, she works a dead-end job at a local theme park. Her bland existence unravels when a mysterious knight statue shows up at the Hall of Mirrors. Things get crazier when a beggar begins stalking her every move, and an old childhood illness comes out of remission.

But things really go off the rails when she awakens the statue.

As Avalon gets pulled toward a secret world where others covet her emerging magical powers, she must decide whom to trust—an amnesiac fairy, a shapeshifting trickster, or even her former doctor—all of whom may only be exploiting her for their own gain.

Get lost in this portal fantasy where the Chosen One wasn’t supposed to be chosen at all.

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age