Magic Of The Midnight Moon (Peril: The Wizard’s Journey, Book #1)

by Justin Rakka

Grand Wizard Justin Rakka.
He can defy gravity and rewind time.

Justin knows from an early age that he is different but he doesn’t understand why. An only child and heir to a large fortune, he is shunted aside by his parents and bullied at school. Lonely and misunderstood, he cannot find his place in the world until a distinguished presence from a secret sphere reaches out to him.
The legendary Merlin, advisor to King Arthur, sends Justin an unexpected messenger, beautiful and kind, who helps him recognize his extraordinary skills. Inexperienced, yet driven by forces he can’t entirely comprehend, Justin devotes himself to learning the ways of the occult, but his path to the fulfillment of his destiny is filled with danger and despair.
And unforeseen obstacles.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban