Magic Invitation

by Barbara Ferrier

What would you do to save a world you never knew?
Tahendra, a teenager on Earth, discovers a worn journal that stirs memories of another life. Intuitively she knows she must return to help. She rallies her friends despite uncertainty and fleeting memories she can’t quite recall.
The world of her birth is collapsing, and the magic dissipating.
Will she overcome her self-doubt in time to repair the damage? Can she and her friends discover their magic in time and rescue the Ancient World, or will they be caught in certain catastrophe?

Previously $2.99

Category: Fantasy – Arthurian

The Ancient City

by Barbara Ferrier

How do you find a mythical city?
The only thing that stands between peace and destruction is Tahendra’s determination save the ancient world.
Two heiresses of an ancient civilization have been summoned to the Island in the Desert. Tahendra and her friends must locate them, get them into hiding and heal their wounds as they search for the lost, ancient Kingdom.
Can Tahendra and her friends find the mythical city in time to establish safe harbor? Can they keep the girls hidden and safe enough? Discovery would mean certain death.

Previously $2.99