Magic in my Bones

by Kellie Sheridan

My name is Melanie Sinclair, and as far as anyone knows, I’ve been dead since the day I was born.

More than twenty years ago, I was smuggled into Ireland to be raised where the magical community would never find me. Two decades of hiding. Two decades of pretending to be less than I am, blending in with the lesser magicks–those whose abilities are of little interest to those in power.

My true fate may not remain a secret much longer.

Humanity is getting too close to learning about a world they may not be ready to handle. In order to fight the growing threat of exposure, the supernatural world will be hosting a summit in Galway, in my city, bringing all of the people my family died to protect me from right to my doorstep.

So much for the luck of the Irish.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban