Magic-Born Dragon: Book Two of the Dragon Born Trilogy

by K.N. Lee

The prophecies have been told. Now, Rowen must find a way to prevent a fate worse than death.

Now, a fugitive, half-blood dragon and sorceress, Rowen must avoid capture from the Dragons while navigating the human realm she’s always dreamed of exploring.
Armed with only her powers of persuasion, the ability to prophesize, and a magic treasure map, Rowen befriends an unlikely guide and seeks out the legendary Red Dragon. If she can obtain the Red Dragon’s power of time travel, she can clear her name and resurrect the prince she once loved.

But, time is not on Rowen’s side. A vengeful pirate hunts her and will stop at nothing to take back his stolen map.
New worlds will be discovered, secrets will be revealed, and a man from Rowen’s past might make her question her journey.

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Category: Fantasy – Sword & Sorcery