Magic Awakens

by Lucia Ashta

Her parents tried to protect her from magic… but it found her.

As the eldest daughter of a count, Clara’s life has been carefully planned since her birth. She is expected to act like a lady, never speak out of turn, and marry the man her parents choose for her.

That’s not too bad when she thinks she’ll be marrying the kind and gentle Samuel. But when the arrangement falls through and Clara is instead promised to Samuel’s abusive brother, she braces herself for a life of misery.

Everything changes when Clara falls ill. At the brink of death, she discovers a secret about herself that will alter the course of her life.


Rescued at the hand of a mysterious magician, Clara finds herself at a crossroads. She must choose: deny the power that grows within and accept the life her parents have decided for her. Or embrace the magic and all the adventure—and danger—that comes with it.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical