Magic and Myth: Portals of Asphodel Series, The Guardian: Book One

by Sadie Anders

I’ve never believed in magic, which is funny, considering I’m a witch.

Most of my days are spent peddling trinkets at my family’s shop, Hyperion Occult Oddities and Antiquities, in Portland, OR. But when my uncle is kidnapped by snatchers with magical abilities, the clock is ticking for me to save him.

A portal to Asphodel changes everything, where I must stand against ancient myths come to life. Luckily, I have someone on my side, a deadly hot guardian of this realm.

In this land of myth and magic, where Furies rule, vampires beckon, and witches rebel, I discover the truth about myself, that I have strength beyond my understanding.

Now, I must navigate this strange land and harness my untapped powers…

Or I may never return home from this land of perpetual twilight.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Flash and Flame

by Sadie Anders

A mere month ago, I thought that our world was the only world. Then a portal to Asphodel made everything go sideways.

But I had survived it and lived to tell the tale. I had managed to return to my life in Oregon, thinking that I had some breathing room from the intrigues and politics of that magical realm.

Boy, was I wrong. The Furies are back, and they’re forcing me to go on a sudden quest to the Empyrean. Now, with the hot-as-blazes vampire Raphael and the rest of my ragtag crew by my side, I must traverse a land of fire and light to find an ancient device while still discovering my nascent powers.

Can I find the Phos Eos before my foes do?

Ancient myth and Greek gods come to life in this sequel to Magic and Myth. Don’t miss the next chapter in the exciting Portals of Asphodel series.

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