Magi Odyssey

by Andrew Dobell

Amanda had only ever wanted to do the right thing. To help those who needed her and to stop those who would exploit others.
When the Inquisition discovered the Time Device on the Atoll, they chose to use it for themselves and as a way to get to Amanda.
In a desperate bid to stop them, Amanda travelled to the Atoll. But when she was visited by the Weaver, she was given the chance to protect history itself, and prevent the paradox from ever happening.
Now, transported over a thousand years into the past, Amanda discovers that the Inquisitor’s target has a direct connection to her, and Amanda must now stop the Inquisition before their actions change everything.
But dealing with the inquisition is only the beginning of a journey through time and a series of breathtaking adventures she could never have anticipated.
Amanda must find the strength to survive, and get home.

Previously $4.99

Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban

Magi Dawn

by Andrew Dobell

Dragged down an alleyway. Attacked by a creature of nightmare.
You discover Magic is real, lethal, and you can use it.
What would you do?
Amanda-Jane Page is just an ordinary girl struggling to make a living on the streets of Manhattan. When she discovers she has the potential to be a Magi, she’s drawn into a hidden magical civil war.
Her mysterious link to an ancient Artifact discovered in the Egyptian Desert draws her into a race to control its power. Finding others like her, together they must stop the dangerous and powerful dark Magi, led by the witch Yasmin.
Amanda must learn the ways of Magic to stand a chance against the forces arrayed against her. If the Artifact fell into the wrong hands, it could change the war and mean victory for the forces of evil.
Amanda must accept her Magical heritage and stand against the darkness.

Previously $2.99