Mage’s Apprentice

by Sean Fletcher

A human thief with no magic, apprenticed to the strongest Mage on the Council. What could possibly go wrong…

Aspen is a Norm. A non-magic. A human. And in this supernatural New York City, that’s a quick way to wind up dead. Or worse.

She didn’t plan on becoming apprenticed to Lucien Dunadine, one of the strongest members on the Council of Mages.

She really didn’t plan on taking part in a deadly magical competition against Isak Uchida, her handsome, aggravating, dangerous opponent.

Yet as much as Aspen hates it, something sinister is going down in the magical boroughs and she’ll have to work with them if she wants to uncover its source. She’s been the underdog her entire life, but nothing’s prepared her for being this outmatched and outmagicked.

But she might be the only thing standing between those she loves and an ancient evil trying to destroy them all.

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Category: Fantasy – Paranormal & Urban