by Jessica Thorne

Orphan Grace Marchant has always questioned the harsh laws of the Queen of Rathlynn. Confronting Prince Bastien Larelwynn was never her plan, but when her closest friend is the next mageborn taken away to the dungeons, she has no choice but to act.
Begging the handsome Prince Bastien to spare her friend’s life, Grace is surprised to see a flicker of compassion in his eyes, and the fire in her blood calls out to him… but if he senses the mageborn power unfurling within her, she too will be imprisoned.
But Grace is shocked when Bastien keeps any knowledge of her powers to himself. Despite his duties to the realm the two hatch a plan that could change everything.
Passion and desire quickly quiet her fear and suspicion. But with her mageborn power growing stronger every day, Grace must ask herself if she can really trust her former enemy… can they save the mageborn and get out alive?

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Category: Fantasy – Coming of Age