Lucky’s Mercs: Retribution

by Joshua James

Meet the galaxy’s unluckiest mercenaries.

Lucky Savage was once a powerful Empire Marine. But that was before the Empire collapsed, sinking the outer colonies into chaos and leaving the galaxy on the precipice of disaster.

Now his ship, Last Gasp, is home to a ragtag crew of misfits and ex-soldiers just trying to navigate the endless conflicts while hoping to score a big payday. So far, they’d settle for scratching out enough to cover fuel.

When a job with Lucky’s old employer comes along, it looks like their luck might be turning. But it quickly goes sideways, and they find themselves in the middle of a massive manhunt for a deadly experiment gone wrong.

Can the mercs save the day? Who knows. They’re just trying to save their own skin.

It wouldn’t hurt to get paid, either.

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Category: Science Fiction – Military