Love, Lies & Clones

by Joynell Schultz

June never asked to be cloned from her mom’s DNA. She didn’t ask for her faulty heart either. Despite making a life for herself, all she really wants is the same as everyone else: a human connection. How can she connect to someone when her heart’s next beat may be the last?

Her estranged father shows up on her doorstep, warning her of danger, but she dismisses him as paranoid. That’s until he disappears. The police aren’t prepared for this conspiracy, especially with a serial killer on the loose.

When approached by an AWOL soldier, insisting her father and his brother are connected, she doesn’t trust him—she’s never trusted anyone. As time runs out, she must avoid abduction, untangle a web of lies, and still hide her taboo origins.

Can June trust someone with her secret… and her heart?

Previously $2.99

Category: Science Fiction – Genetic Engineering