Lost Time: Part One [SECOND SKYN]

by Damien Boyes

In a future without death, revenge lives forever.

Finsbury Gage was promised immortality, no one told him the first thing he’d remember was dying. Restored to life, Finsbury now hunts rogue minds for the Toronto Police Service’s Psychorithm Crime Unit while secretly searching a dangerous underworld of plastic minds and enhanced bodies for his wife’s killer.

He’s conflicted, torn between staying true to who he was and accepting what he’s become—something both more, and less, than human. He’ll do whatever it takes to find the man who murdered his wife, but will he lose himself in the process?

Find out in Lost Time, the sci-fi action-thriller that imagines a future of hackable brains, supercharged bodies, and minds that can think at the speed of light. A future without death, where nothing, and no one, is as they seem.

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Category: Science Fiction – Cyberpunk