Lost Sons

by Greg Ballan

Duncan Kord has travelled the world for many lifetimes. The thousand-year old Viking warrior was given immortality by an advanced race of beings who literally snatched him from the brink of death on a battlefield in Norway centuries ago. Kord’s life changes when he discovers the invader responsible for killing his wife and family & destroying his village all those years ago, is alive & well, & living in New York. Kord is determined to confront Sagahr & after so many lost centuries, he now has one purpose: revenge.
William Jefferson Sagahr has amassed a fortune over many lifetimes. The thousand-year-old mercenary warrior was also given immortality & special powers by the same beings who gifted Kord. But Sagahr is nothing like Kord. He unleashes an evil in the city of New York, the likes of which no one has ever seen. He knows there is only one man who can stop him. Duncan Kord

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Category: Fantasy – Epic