Lost Legacy

by D.K. Henderson

A beautiful young woman is entombed alive as a sacrifice to angry gods…
A young priest sets out on a desperate flight through the heart of Atlantis…
In the possession of each, a sacred artefact of unimaginable power.
250,000 years ago, 13 crystal Skulls of Light came to Earth from the distant star systems of our galaxy to guide the evolution of humankind. Today they lie hidden and forgotten, scattered across our world until the time when they will be brought together again to lead us into a new golden age. That time is now…
Then there is me, Gemma Mason – author and mother – who the Skulls, in their infinite wisdom, have chosen to share their stories with the world. Preparing us for their return. Hurling me so far out of my comfort zone, it’s disappeared over the horizon. Asking me to share a secret that will have repercussions for the whole of humankind. But are we ready to hear it?

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Category: Fantasy – Metaphysical & Visionary