Lost Legacy

by D K Henderson

What would you do if an ink-black skull suddenly materialised out of thin air, right in front of your nose? Scream? So did I…

That skull was Gileada, first of the 13 sacred crystal Skulls of Light created in long forgotten times by races of benevolent beings from across the galaxy. Brought to Earth to watch over the human race.

Since the time of Atlantis, there have been those who have coveted the Skulls’ power for their own dark purposes. As there have been those willing to sacrifice everything to keep the Skulls safe.

Now the dark forces are rising again, their influence growing daily. And the Skulls have made contact with me, wanting my help to defeat them.

Why me? As yet, I have no idea. All I do know is that I’m scared, confused, and completely out of my depth – and that I can’t say ‘No’.

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Category: Fantasy – Historical